Sports psychologist sees progress in mental health awareness but more needed | Sports

Rick Aberman had an idea. An idea that some people found unnecessary. He wanted to use his Ph.D. in developmental psychology to help athletes at the University of Wisconsin deal with whatever issues they were experiencing. This was 1986. Mental health wasn’t a topic of conversation back then. Yet Aberman convinced the school to hire … Read more

Ottawa urged to move ahead with food warning labels despite call to exempt ground meat

A worker re-stocks products in the meat section at an Atlantic Superstore grocery in Halifax on Jan. 28.Kelly Clark/The Canadian Press Health organizations are calling on Ottawa to move forward with its proposed food warning labels, expressing concerns that further debate over ground meat could delay a critical program that’s already long overdue. Since 2016, … Read more

Top 13 everyday objects that are not at all harmless

We have already told you about the strange, even gloomy origins of our everyday objects. On the other hand, we realize that we have not warned you enough, not protected enough, that we have not sufficiently fulfilled our role of lucky star towards you… We are really sorry, but we are catching up right away … Read more

EXPLAINER: How did Russia-Ukraine war trigger a food crisis? | Health

World food prices were already climbing, and the war made things worse, preventing some 20 million tons of Ukrainian grain from getting to the Middle East, North Africa and parts of Asia. “This needs to happen in the next couple of months (or) it’s going to be horrific,” said Anna Nagurney, who studies crisis management … Read more

EXPLAINER: How Did Russia-Ukraine War Trigger a Food Crisis? | Business News

By KELVIN CHAN and PAUL WISEMAN, AP Business Writers LONDON (AP) — Russianhostilities in Ukraine are preventing grain from leaving the “breadbasket of the world” and making food more expensive across the globe, threatening to worsen shortages, hunger and political instability in developing countries. Together, Russia and Ukraine export nearly a third of the world’s … Read more

The seven cooking mistakes not to make with your frying pan

By Anne-Laure Mignon Posted on 11/19/2021 at 11:00 Pan-frying is quick and flavorful. But you have to avoid certain missteps so as not to miss it or become intoxicated. Getty Images Easy, practical and fast, cooking in a frying pan no longer counts its emulators. But it can be dangerous to health. Philippe Pouillart, food … Read more

Equivalents to superfoods, cheaper and with the same virtues

Superfoods pamper our health, but they are hard to find and their price is often high. Discover their less expensive equivalents that are just as good for our form. They have adorned the shelves of organic stores for several years and squat on the covers of books stamped “health food”. These are the superfoods, including … Read more

What counts as ‘better-for-you’ confectionery?

CHICAGO — Determining what better-for-you means in the confectionery space has become increasingly challenging as more shoppers look to improve their eating habits. Is it fewer calories? Less sugar? Does it refer to functional products featuring added vitamins or plant-based treats made without animal ingredients? “Better-for-you can be a whole bunch of things,” said Marcia … Read more