The vegetable garden calendar July 2022

Every month, find the calendar of work in the garden in the vegetable garden section. In July, summer really began. The epidemic is over, the rains are becoming less frequent, the temperature is rising… It’s time to harvest what we have sown or planted and to prepare for the following seasons. In the vegetable garden, … Read more

Turkey is emptying of its lifeblood

“What if it doesn’t work? », Öznur worries, reviewing the list of documents requested by the German consulate for the umpteenth time. In a few days, she will have to go to the consular services to submit her marriage file with her German spouse, living in Berlin. Purchasing power reduced by inflation and devaluation An … Read more

Best cast iron griddle | WJTV

Which cast iron griddle is best? No matter how good a skillet you have, there’s just something delicious about pancakes, burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches and hash browns made on a griddle that just you can’t beat. Iron griddles are the best griddles, because they can provide restaurant-quality results even at home. An iron griddle is … Read more

Japanese cuisine is much more than sushi!

For a long time, Japanese cookbooks were limited to presenting the work of sushi, as difficult to achieve as it is exceptional in Japanese daily life. Two books stand out by offering family recipes that are accessible and contemporary. The art of Donburi The first is signed by Julien Lemarié, recently starred chef for his … Read more