How to Stop Russia’s Plan for Global Food Chaos

About 25 million tons of grain now sit in Ukrainian silos blockaded by Russian ships. By disrupting global food and energy supplies, the Kremlin seeks to spark multiple international crises, forcing the West to pressure Ukraine into negotiations. The US should spoil Russia’s strategy by establishing a maritime corridor with a naval coalition of the … Read more

Kotharis to be honored as Friends of CRCF | News

OLEAN — An integral part of any friendship is a willingness to help one another. Time and time again Drs. Ashok and Yogini Kothari have stepped up to help the Cattaraugus Region Community Foundation and the community as a whole in numerous ways. For that and all of their exemplary qualities of character, Dr. Ashok … Read more

In Roanoke, students learn how to turn cultural differences into … fruit salad | Local News

The ambassador of the bananas came to talk with the community of oranges to see how the two fruits could peacefully coexist on the imaginary island of Fruitopia. Sydney Werness, 17, a junior at Patrick Henry High School, was the banana ambassador who met the oranges to discuss life on their diverse yet segregated island. … Read more

GOP impeachment backers wrestle with their own political survival after Tom Rice’s loss

“I told him afterward, I said, ‘So much for the adage that members of Congress are more concerned about their next election than their job here,’” retiring Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan recalled telling Rice, in a nod to the fact that his impeachment vote is likely what cost him in last week’s Republican primary … Read more

Thierry Meyssan and his conspiratorial buddies gathered in Paris to defend Bashar and Poutine

It’s an ordinary pizzeria, place de la Bastille, with its customers on the terraces, its waiters at the counter, and… its Syrian regime propaganda operation. It was on the first floor that this symposium was organized this Friday, June 10: “For peace in Syria, stop the embargo”. The Catholic parish of Notre-Dame des Hostages, in … Read more