Fresh Herbs Pack a Healthy Punch in Holiday Italian Stuffing | 4M’s on Marco

Haven’t made your stuffing yet? Try something new this Thanksgiving. One of my favorite recipes for holiday meals is Italian Herb Stuffing. Celebrating with Italian flare always adds a bit of zest to the meal! My husband adapted this recipe over a decade ago while he was researching Thanksgiving recipes. We only have an old … Read more

How Much Water Should I Be Drinking? | Farm and Rural Family Life

Water makes up 60% of our bodies and is essential to life. Water ought to be our daily drink of choice as it is free, readily available and, best of all, has zero calories. With the variety of drinks available, it may be easy to select something other than water, such as an energy drink, … Read more

Prairie Fare: Squeeze more space out of your kitchen | Columnists

“I’m going to get these super-cute pig canisters that are half off,” my younger daughter texted, along with a link to a picture. “They’re cute!” I replied. “Where are you going to fit them on your counter?” I thought of myself. However, I restrained from being the negative influence. “I think you will need a … Read more

Annabel Langbein: Recipes with ginger – Sweet & sour chicken, chilli-ginger brussels sprouts, roasted ginger pears. Yvonne Lorkin’s drinks matches.

Sweet and sour ginger chicken. Photo / Manja Wachsmuth Recently, someone asked me what they could use as a substitute for ginger. Often you can make spice or herb swaps, which, while not delivering the exact note of flavor, can offer a satisfactory match flavor profile and intensity. You can, for example, easily swap oregano … Read more