For the success of Vietnamese rice in conquering the French market | Economy

Vietnamese Lôc Troi rice at the Carrefour supermarket. Photo: VNA Paris (VNA) – Vietnamese Lôc Troi rice continues to reap new success on the French market. After its first appearance on the shelves of E.Leclerc supermarkets last week, this time it’s the turn of Carrefour supermarkets. On September 6, at the Carrefour Collagène hypermarket in … Read more

in Turkey, the taboo around menstruation is lifted

REPORTAGE.- In Erdogan’s country, where the subject of menstruation is still taboo and where women’s rights are constantly violated, initiatives are moving the lines: menstrual leave, distribution of pads, bills… A revolution. It was a summer morning in 2016. Her stomach knotted and her head mush, like every new moon, Merve Bakir first took off … Read more

Breakfast in, shopping out: tourists to the US hit by soaring dollar

SAN FRANCISCO/NEW YORK/LONDON, Sept 29 (Reuters) – In the weeks before heading to San Francisco for their vacation this month, Jeff Skipper and his wife Valerie, from the United Kingdom, watched helplessly as the US dollar continued its meteoric rise against the British pound. The sterling/dollar exchange rate – which slumped to a record low … Read more

Two magistrates make a “fake” that sends a man to prison, he commits suicide

Lyon Criminal Court (69) – Master Giuranna stands up. He is about to start his argument, as he has done hundreds of times in his career. His gaze inspects the room and rests in turn on his fellow lawyers, the Lyon criminal court, the prosecutor and – more particularly – on two magistrates, who must … Read more

Fetuses smile for carrots but grimace over kale, study suggests

CNN — While it is known that some children are not huge fans of greens, a new study suggests that such dietary preferences could come about before they’re even born. Fetuses create more of a “laughter-face” in the womb when exposed to the flavor of carrots consumed by their mother and create more of a … Read more

No kerosene, no food, Sri Lanka’s fishermen say

MANNAR, Sri Lanka, Sept 7 (Reuters) – As the sun rose over Sri Lanka one morning in late August, around a dozen fishermen were laying out their nets on a beach in Mannar, a small island just off the country’s northwestern coast, the start of the day’s work. But many other fishermen in the community … Read more

Killen’s Barbecue fires up new restaurant in familiar Cypress space

A barbecue switcheroo is taking place in Cypress. Killen’s Barbeque will be taking over the space currently occupied by Burro & Bull (25618 Northwest Fwy.), chief-owner Ronnie Killen tells CultureMap. Killen, who teased the deal over the weekend on social media, explains that he couldn’t pass on the opportunity to take over a fullyequipped restaurant … Read more

5 things the MarketWatch Picks team just had to buy this past month

One editor couldn’t get enough of Amazon’s ‘The Boys,’ starring Erin Moriarty, Antony Starr, Jack Quaid and Karen Fukuhara. Getty Images for Amazon Studios To quote my personal emotional guru Taylor Swift: “August slipped away into a moment in time.” The penultimate summer month (technically) seems to have come and gone in a flash, but … Read more

South Pakistan braces for yet more flooding as waters flow down from north

Register now for FREE unlimited access to Register Authorities on high alert as water surges from north Large areas look like inland sea WHO says 6.4 million people in need of aid DADU, Pakistan, Sept 1 (Reuters) – Southern Pakistan braced for yet more flooding on Thursday as a surge of water flowed down … Read more

CultureMap Wine Guy Chris Shepherd shares wines he loves for Labor Day

Editor’s note: long before Chris Shepherd became a James Beard Award-winning chef, he developed enough of a passion for wine to work at Brennan’s of Houston as a sommelier. He maintains that interest to this day. When Chris expressed interest in writing about wine-related topics for CultureMap, we said yes. In this week’s column, he … Read more