How to Stop Russia’s Plan for Global Food Chaos

About 25 million tons of grain now sit in Ukrainian silos blockaded by Russian ships. By disrupting global food and energy supplies, the Kremlin seeks to spark multiple international crises, forcing the West to pressure Ukraine into negotiations. The US should spoil Russia’s strategy by establishing a maritime corridor with a naval coalition of the … Read more

A Somali boy’s mission to find food as climate change takes its toll

Somalia at nexus of ‘three Cs’ – conflict, costs, climate change Climate change means extreme weather patterns more common Children in Dollow town malnourished, scramble for food Million forced from homes and land by drought Drought envoy urges international community to do more DOLLOW, Somalia, June 20 (Reuters) – Each morning in this Somali border … Read more

Vietnamese cuisine seduces French guests | Culture-Sports

Vietnam’s Ambassador to France Dinh Toàn Thang and 5th District Mayor Florence Berthout deliver the festival’s opening speech. Photo: VNA Paris (VNA) – The Vietnam Food Festival 2022 was organized on June 18 at Place Monge in the 5th arrondissement of Paris by the Vietnamese Association in France (UGVF) in collaboration with Foyer Vietnam. This … Read more

in Turkey, the taboo around menstruation is lifted

REPORTAGE.- In Erdogan’s country, where the subject of menstruation is still taboo and where women’s rights are constantly violated, initiatives are moving the lines: menstrual leave, distribution of pads, bills… A revolution. It was a summer morning in 2016. Her stomach knotted and her head mush, like every new moon, Merve Bakir first took off … Read more

Pandemic summer lunch waivers expire — more kids could go hungry

CNN — Last summer, Shenae Rowe was able to provide 36,000 meals a week to hungry kids throughout Warrick County in rural southwest Indiana. Parents could pick up a week’s worth of food in one trip to take home. This summer, the Warrick school district’s director of food and nutrition is hoping to serve 600 … Read more

Where to drink in Fort Worth right now: 8 hottest happy hours for June

Like sweltering summer temperatures, prices for everything are on the rise. Thank goodness for happy hour deals, which make dining and imbibing a little more affordable, which means more fun, too. Cheers to these eight current Fort Worth deals on drinks and eats during happy hour — possibly the happiest (and cheapest) time of day. … Read more

Thierry Meyssan and his conspiratorial buddies gathered in Paris to defend Bashar and Poutine

It’s an ordinary pizzeria, place de la Bastille, with its customers on the terraces, its waiters at the counter, and… its Syrian regime propaganda operation. It was on the first floor that this symposium was organized this Friday, June 10: “For peace in Syria, stop the embargo”. The Catholic parish of Notre-Dame des Hostages, in … Read more