A Simple Soup From a Giving Cook That Touched Countless Lives

Submitted by Helene Chesley Purdy, Hamilton, VirginiaIn honor of Winkie Chesley, Redding, Connecticut My mom was diligent in getting her six children to church every Sunday when we were young. We were all baptized and confirmed, but it wasn’t until we were teenagers that she surrendered her life to the Lord. Mom became active in … Read more

Adaptogen Teas for Stress Relief and Balance

Adaptogens are plants that help to reduce stress by bringing your adrenal system back into balance. They also boost the immune system. (Don’t we all need that!) When taken internally as adaptogen teas, the aptly-named adaptogen herbs “adapt” to your body’s particular needs. It sounds incredible—a food that knows what your body needs—but it is … Read more

Ground Beef Tacos

The BEST Ground Beef Tacos recipe includes crispy fried corn tortilla shells filled with seasoned ground beef and your favorite toppings. The epitome of a “tastes better from scratch” recipe! Why I Love This Recipe: The corn tortilla shells are made from fresh corn tortillas, and the taste is incomparable to the bland ones from … Read more

Who Was Dr. Weston Price and Why Did He Matter?

Are you confused about what constitutes a healthy diet? Bewildered by all the claims out there about how we should eat? Concerned that your children aren’t getting the nourishment they need? Indeed, most people are confused, and no wonder, given the many conflicting assertions about the kind of diet that will confer good health. Shall … Read more

Here’s How Smart Americans Are Protecting Themselves

The diesel fuel shortage isn’t a secret anymore. Here are the facts: US Energy Information Administration recently announced in October we have less than 25 days of diesel fuel left. The last time our diesel stockpile was this low, there were 5 billion fewer people on the planet. Just recently, the world crossed over the … Read more

Secrets of the Winter Garden

Depending on the climate where you live, there could be a lot more to the winter months than simply prepping the garden for spring In 2023, home gardens are expected to be more popular than ever. Whether you’re looking to grow one to have the freshest fruits and vegetables, to experience tastes that store-bought just … Read more

SoCal Couple Start Homestead in North Idaho to Grow Own Food, Raise 10 Kids in Traditional Lifestyle

It was mainly for the wellbeing of their 10 children that Carolyn and Josh Thomas struck out to start their own family homestead 1,000 miles from their home. Their life in Southern California had been all about chasing a check, climbing the ladder, and getting ahead. They were used to following the crowd. It was … Read more

Which Is a Better Breakfast—Cereal or Oatmeal?

The remarkable impact of the structure of food beyond nutritional content or composition. “Food structure,” not just nutrient composition, may be “critical for optimal health.” It should come as no surprise that cornflakes and Rice Krispies cause a much greater spike in blood sugars than rice or corn-on-the-cob; but it’s not just the added sugar. … Read more