the 28 culinary books to slip under the tree

Christmas is coming and you lack ideas to please your loved ones? Head to the bookstore with the editorial staff’s suggestions so as not to get stuck under the tree.

Shelf Love by Yotam Ottolenghi

Learn to cook with leftovers from the cupboard, without fuss. (25 euros)

Off road by Adrien Cachot

The 2021 event book by chef Adrien Cachot, passed by Top chefand now known for its creative, unique and assumed cuisine. (19.90 euros)

Gram by Marine Gora and Romain Tellier

The bedside book for morning and afternoon gourmands. A brilliant, rich and fresh collection of recipes by Marine Gora and Romain Tellier. (26.50 euros)

Septimius by Bertrand Grébaut and Théophile Pourriat

The memoir of the most popular starred restaurant, or almost, in the capital, told by its chef Bertrand Grébaut and his partner Théophile Pourriat. (49.95 euros)

The taste of family by Mauro Colagreco

A very personal, almost intimate recipe book by the chef of one of the best restaurants in the world, based in the south of France. (45 euro)

High squeegee by Jennifer and Arnaud Favre

Raclette is obviously a dish to be enjoyed with friends. But it is also a vast field of expression in terms of culinary creativity. The proof. (25 euros)

France of pastries by Francois Blanc

A tour of France of the best pastries, would you like it? (39 euros)

cutting edges by Vincent Lappartient and Julien Mignot

Two photographers took advantage of the confinement to immortalize chefs and their knives. A magnificent and contemplative work. (45 euro)

30 Japanese chefs in Paris by Laure Angrand

Do you like Japanese cuisine? Do you like Paris? Do you want to understand how these two universes have come together to offer us such alchemy? This wonderful book is for you. (39 euros)

Refettorio by JR (and others)

Nearly forty anti-waste recipes by the chefs of the Refettorio, the solidarity place nestled under the Madeleine church in Paris, opened by JR and the three-starred chef Massimo Bottura. (42 euros)

Italy by train by Lucie Tournebize

The best guide to Italy for those who love beautiful landscapes and leisurely travel. (24.95 euros)

Today’s Special by twenty chefs

When twenty renowned chefs reveal the small talents of their brigades and the hopes for the cuisine of tomorrow. (50 euros, in English)

Marseille cooks the world by Vérane Frediani

The bible of the Marseillais, and especially of the neo-Marsaillais. (30 euros)

treats by Victory Wolf

The bible of the 500 best products to have in your cupboard, fridge or shelves. A titanic work for an indispensable work. (35 euros)

Culina Hortus by Adrian Zedda

The recipe book of the chef (from Lyon) of the best vegetarian restaurant in the world. (39 euros)

New hostels by Victor Coutard

To plan your next weekend and discover the philosophy of this new side of gastronomy. (25 euros)

Leaked Recipes by Demetria Ice

One of our favorite books of the year: fifty recipes from leaked emails or data during massive hackings compiled to give them a second life. (35 euros)

Pasta Grannies by Vicky Bennison

She travels around Italy to meet grandmothers and their secret recipes. After the videos, here is the book. (30 euros)

One storm a day by André Derainne

A pretty poetic graphic novel, like a stroll through the streets of Ho Chí Minh City, with Linh Nguyen’s recipes. (24.90 euros)

In the kitchen with Diego Alary by Diego Alary

Let’s go! The king of TikTok releases his first book, the perfect little bible to offer to young people who are settling in. (19.95 euros)

An Unapologetic Cookbook by Joshua Weissmann

With his chef’s techniques put to the service of a very pop culture cuisine, Joshua Weissman explodes with his recipe book which is flowing like hot cakes across the Atlantic. (18.77 euros, in English)

Foodheim: A Culinary Adventure by Eric Wareheim

When he’s not busy visiting Tuscany with Aziz Ansari or managing his sommelier hat, Eric Wareheim cooks, and very seriously. DA hallucinating and good products. (31.35 euros, in English)

Cook This Book: Techniques That Teach and Recipes to Repeat by Molly Baz

The chef passed through the kitchens of Enjoy your meal releases a comprehensive cookbook, with a love for a modern, always well-seasoned assembly kitchen. (30.26 euros, in English)

flowers by Cedric Grolet

The latest Cédric Grolet for pastry fans who would like to embark on breathtaking creations. (45 euros)

Diabetes and forking by Annabelle Schachmes

Niche but well put together, Annabelle Schachmes’ latest book is a great tool for seeing diabetes in another way. (18.90 euros)

We Are Family by Manish Arora

Nice entry into Indian cuisine by Manish Arora, who shares his family Indian recipes. (29.95 euros)

12 seasons by Yann Couvreur

Beautiful seasonal pastries by one of the best pastry chefs, quite simply. (35 euro)

donburi by Julien Lemarie

The most Japanese of French chefs unveils the universe of his new satellite from Rennes, Imayoko, and recipes from don buri to fall. (30 euros)

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