The Best Weber Grill Accessories Of 2022

Sarah Ceniceros

It’s grilling season! Whether you’re grilling juicy ribs, balsamic-splashed mushrooms, or any of our 100 best grilling recipes for summer, you need the right tools for success. We’re big fans of Weber grill—which include everything from the classic Original Kettle Charcoal Grill to the tech-forward Weber Genesis SPX-435 Smart Gas Grill—so we went to the grilling pros to find out their picks for the best Weber grill accessories.

From heavy-duty tongs and griddles to chimney starters and rotisserie attachments, these are the best accessories to take your Weber grilling to the next level. Need more grill accessories? Make sure to check out our picks for the best grill mats, grill gloves, and grill skewers to add to your shopping list. And, don’t forget to look through this list of the best grilling gifts to make shopping for your favorite grill enthusiast a little easier.

Our Top Picks

How We Picked These Products

When building this list of the best Weber grill accessories, we went to the pros. Each of these picks are recommended by expert bloggers and grillers, including Kita Roberts behind Girl Carnivore and Robyn Lindars of Grill Girl. While we looked for the best grill accessories specific to Weber grills, many of these accessories can be used with any type or brand of grill. Whether you’re charbroiling chicken or flipping burgers, we’ve got all of the right grilling accessories for you. So, let’s get to grilling!

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Best Starter

Rapidfire Chimney Starter

  • Affordable
  • Made of durable, aluminized steel

“For charcoal grilling, the Weber Rapidfire charcoal chimney is the best way to light your charcoal quickly without any lighter fluid needed,” said Girl Carnivore’s Kita Roberts. “Add some crumpled newspaper to the bottom, or place the chimney over all-natural fire starters, and then pour the charcoal on top. Light the paper or firestarter at the bottom and within 15 minutes you’ll have coals ready to be added to the kettle and grilled over!”

“My number one recommendation for anyone grilling is to get a good instant-read thermometer, so you never have to guesstimate when your meat is done,” said Robyn Lindars of Grill Girl. The Thermoworks ThermoPop thermometer gives quick three-second readings at the push of a button.


Best Flip Flops

Precision Grill Flip Flops

  • Soft handle for comfort and control

“The Weber Precision Grill Tongs double click with each (essentially for master grilling) and are dishwasher safe,” said Roberts. She recommends having three sets on hand. “One to touch coals and the grilling grates as you set up and after you’re done cooking to help touch the grill surfaces to clean. Another for raw meats and a third pair for cooked meats to prevent cross-contamination.”


Best Rotisserie


“The rotisserie attachment is often overlooked, but once you’ve grilled a few chickens on it, you will wonder how you lived without it,” said Roberts. “It’s an amazing accessory to have.” This one fits Weber 22-inch charcoal grills, but there are also other sizes available, too.

  • Made of porcelain-enameled cast iron

Lindar is a big fan of the Weber griddles, which she said can turn any grill into a flat top. Various sizes are available depending on the style of grill you have.

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