The Élysée celebrates music!

Who can register for the 2022 edition of the Fête de la Musique at the Elysée?
Anyone can register for the 2022 edition of the Fête de la Musique at the Elysée.
At the time of registration, you will be asked for the following information: surname and first name, date and place of birth and an email address.
It is possible to register a maximum of 2 people per order. Be sure to register all your guests by name. Once registered, it will no longer be possible to change the identity of the ticket holder.

Can we attend the 2022 edition of the Fête de la Musique at the Elysée without a ticket?
No, it will not be possible to attend this event without a ticket on D-Day. Each ticket is individual and strictly personal.

I can no longer come, can I exchange my ticket with a relative?
No, the ticket is neither transferable nor modifiable.

I made a typing error in my surname / first name or in my email address.
You can send a correction request to [email protected] by recalling the order number.

I made a mistake in date of birth / place of birth.
You can send a correction request to [email protected] by sending a message from the e-mail address used during your order, and recalling your first and last name.

I entered only one of my first names.
This is not problematic, it is just necessary that it appears on your identity document.

I am the only person to have received a pre-registration confirmation. Is this normal?
Yes, the pre-registration confirmation is only sent to the person who made the request.

When will the tickets be sent?
Tickets will be sent out by Tuesday noon. They will be sent individually to each address provided during registration.
If you haven’t received anything by noon tomorrow, check your spam box. The confirmation email can sometimes slip in there.
If you have not received all tickets from your guests, please check with them. They may have received it directly on their personal inbox.

I received an e-mail telling me that there were no more places available. Why ?
Unfortunately, given the capacity, the Élysée cannot accommodate everyone. But the President himself often reminds us that the Élysée is the home of all French people.
We organize other events throughout the year, such as the European Heritage Days. This is only a postponement !
A word of advice: subscribe to our social networks so as not to miss registrations next year.



Opening: 6 p.m.
Start of performances: 7:30 p.m.
End of concert: 11:30 p.m.

Access point and parking:
The access point is specified on the ticket. You will not be able to access the Elysée Palace by any other access.

What to bring on D-Day?
On the day of your visit, you must present your invitation and your identity document.

My ID is expired
On D-Day, you will need to present an identity document. If this is out of date, please present it along with proof of appointment for renewal.

Are the places accessible to people with disabilities?
Yes, the Elysée Palace is accessible for people with reduced mobility. Are you PMR? At the meeting place listed on the ticket, you can report to the firefighters present, they will take care of you. However, registration is required.

I am a pregnant woman, can I access the Elysée Palace more easily?
Yes, at the meeting place listed on the ticket, you can report to the firefighters present, they will take care of you.

My child does not yet have an ID.
In this case, we kindly ask you to bring the family record book and your identity document.

Prohibited items:
Dangerous objects (eg: sharp object, scissors, etc.) or bulky (eg: motorcycle helmet, folding chair, etc.) are strictly prohibited. There is no deposit for bulky items.
Pets are also prohibited, with the exception of assistance dogs.
Confiscated items will be destroyed. It will not be possible to recover them.
Backpacks and cameras are however allowed.
You cannot bring alcoholic beverages.

Can I eat on site?
A fast food point and a refreshment bar will be set up on site.

Can I take photos and share them on social networks?
Do not hesitate to bring your light equipment (small camera, small camera) and share your photos on social networks by tagging the Presidency (@Elysee).

In case of bad weather, is the concert maintained?
In the event of heavy storms or unfavorable weather, the event could be canceled or shortened.
You would be notified in advance by the Presidency teams.


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