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After being the first hotel to host YUJ yoga and Pilates Hava retreats and to inaugurate its private Pilates studio in France, Villa Calvi is launching its tailor-made retreats this fall: La parenthèse immortal.

If the Villa Calvi remains one of the most beautiful addresses in Corsica, a reference for lovers of the art of living and contemporary lines, it is now keen to offer much more than an epicurean image and a view breathtaking. And stay one step ahead by promoting sport at the heart of its values. Marion Pinelli, essential accomplice of Jean-Pierre – visionary hotelier – and of Marie and Antoine – second generation, who today embodies the next generation -, is at the initiative of this new routine in the lifestyle signature of this cult address, perched on the heights of Calvi.

A global and tailor-made approach

Convinced for years now that sport can only be an ally for well-being and anti-aging if it is practiced with balance, without excess and by varying the pleasures, Marion has now made it an inseparable expertise of this idyllic site. Far from the seaside whirlwind even in season, connected on all sides to nature in the middle of three hectares of maquis, Villa Calvi is the ideal theater to reconnect gently and in a dream setting, facing the Mediterranean and the mountain range. mountain range of Monte Grosso.

With a global and gentle approach to well-being, with stays designed as decompression chambers combining sport, care and time for oneself, Villa Calvi is aimed at everyone, regardless of age and level of fitness. A single perspective here: to reconcile with your body, at your biological rhythm. Take advantage of the beginning and the end of the season, why not winter, to do yourself good without hurting yourself.

5 days to “wake up”

5 years ago, Marion had the idea of ​​hosting her first retreats given by Hélène Duval, founder of YUJ. Aware that not everyone is a fan of this practice, she worked on the implementation of a less targeted protocol for more accessible and less routine retreats: alternating initiation to the aqua bike to stimulate the return venous, to relieve circulatory problems while boosting the cardio without feeling exhausted, initiation to Pilates to promote relaxation and deep muscle strengthening, guarantees of a tonicity without trauma, a mountain hike depending on the level of each and supervised by a mountain guide to work endurance, breathing, learn to simply walk in full awareness and observe what surrounds us.

Each stay ends as it began, with a focus on food. If it is a small conference on nutrition that inaugurates the course of the following five days, it is with a cooking workshop for a balanced brunch and taken together with the chef that ends the experience. From Wednesday to Sunday, each retreat aims for the right balance between sports practice in the morning and free afternoons, simply punctuated with targeted “à la carte” treatments and according to each person’s needs: reflexology, kobido (manual and traditional lifting Japanese) firming protocols (based on a high concentration of immortal active ingredients, with healing, decongestant and anti-inflammatory properties,[1]inflammatory) …

If taking time for oneself is essential to restore listening to oneself, to the changes and/or small adjustments that one wants to make, the process of these retreats never excludes pleasure and curiosity, with the visit of the botanical garden of Calvi or the discovery with François, the Chef[1]sommelier, from one of the most beautiful local vineyards, with a breathtaking view. The same reflex of conviviality and improvisation for the itineraries on the beach, with sessions along the coast and sea bathing. And never forbidden when it comes to paying attention to your plate or your glass, even if Mylo Levin, instinctive chef and convinced locavore, uses all the generous nature of the island to unravel the thread of a light, varied and 100% pleasurable cuisine.

The Villa Calvi wellness retreats are not aimed at yoga enthusiasts and/or Pilates enthusiasts, they aim to reconcile with one’s body, to reconnect with one’s physical sensations and to regain a minimum of tonicity and of energy necessary according to the daily needs and context of each one. Objective: put the body on “reset” for 5 days, including moments of relaxation, care, walking and targeted practices. No military schedules, no deprivation or draconian diet either, but “à la carte” rituals and a real gastronomy of pleasure, light, vegetal and seasonal.


Dates: from November 2022 to May 2023 Prices:

from €1950 for 5 days “in all

included” (excluding alcoholic beverages) on

the base of a double room

from €2150 for 5 days “in all

included” (excluding alcoholic beverages) on

the basis of a single room.

12 people maximum

Address :

Our Lady of the Serra Way

20260 Calvi

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