The “kale”, this kale star of the American series

The fashion for “kale”, this famous cabbage very popular with celebrities and American hipsters, does not go unnoticed. Many series are beginning to appropriate this phenomenon, sometimes to validate it, often to make fun of it.

He is tall, long, rigid and all green. Pack up your smirks, it’s not that interesting. It is the famous “kale”, the strange cabbage that has invaded the United States for a few years. First unnoticed, celebrities began to praise its merits, especially for its anti-inflammatory properties and its richness in vitamins.

But the one called “kale kale” in France – where it is still discreet – is talked about for another reason. By dint of being acclaimed by nutritionists and adored by stars (Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Bacon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway, Nick Jonas among others), it is starting to annoy more than one.

Like the fashion for detox tea, Diet Coke or baby jars, this passion for kale which is spreading like a trail of quinoa is being openly mocked on the web, by Internet users who associate it to a being as indefinable as it is misunderstood: the hipster.

And TV shows are no exception. For the past few months, many have been going there with their little piques towards kale, definitely a staple of American (urban) culture.

• Modern Family

The family series, crowned best comedy at the Emmy Awards for four consecutive years, is a pioneer in the field. Now in its fifth season, it was in 2011 that its writers first tackled the kale trend. And who else better placed than Cameron and Mitchell to be indignant at the arrival of the famous kale on their plates? As he returns from the market, one explains to the other, unconvinced, that ” kale is the new spinach“. Rebellious exclamations. And Mitchell to specify, a few minutes later, that the kale is ” a good garnish, but it is not yet ready to really anchor a meal. »

Modern Family season 2 episode 17

• The Michael J. Fox Show


The first episode of the series has barely started when the protagonists are already making remarks about the famous cabbage. The character of Michael J. Fox admits to having put “two kinds” in the pasta he cooked but that we ” don’t feel it“, while his eldest daughter detects it right away. But the best line goes to actress Katie Finneran: ” But stop with the kale. You are white. We understand. » (“ Enough with the kale. You’re white. We get it. “)

The Michael J. Fox Show, season 1 episode 1

• Sean Saves The World


This new sitcom, which features a single gay dad and his conflicting relationship with his mother and daughter, is neither transgressive nor original. But its references to American culture are tasty, like this regular bashing of “ Kale chips“, which, according to the main character” transform the pleasure of snacking into a painful challenge“.

To believe that even if Sarah Michelle Gellar confides that her daughter loves kale chips (there is information beside which we cannot ignore), others consider this dish too “healthy” to have the right to be qualified as a “taste” strictly speaking.

Sean Saves The World Season 1 Episode 2

• Super Fun Night


Another new series that does not hesitate to scratch the strange habits of trendy New Yorkers. Rebel Wilson embodies Kimmie Boubier, a thirty-year-old complexed by her weight who does not feel comfortable in the circles of nocturnal flirting. Among the habits of her peers that she does not understand: the fascination with organic food and hype. However, she forces herself to eat “salad of kale when she is surrounded by young men who enthusiastically order it at the restaurant.

Super Fun Night season 1 episode 2

• Parenthood


The only series with dramatic accents in the midst of all these pure and hard comedies, Parenthood was one of the first in 2011 to seize the kale. More “first degree”, the characters praise the cabbage supposed to be good for pregnant women. ” It’s a green vegetable with lots of leaves, which is supposed to be awesome food. It’s really fashionable now, and it’s good too,” explains Julia to Zoe. With accolades like this, the kale industry is unlikely to fare badly.

Parenthood season 3 episode 7

Marie Turcan, video Clémence Sgarbi

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