what do we drink when we are not drinking?

When you “take a break”, or when you stop drinking, it’s not easy not to fall into sweet and tasteless sodas. However, there is still a little-known offer of non-alcoholic drinks, so that the aperitif remains kool.

The French: these aperitif champions

“We often forget that in France there are 20% of people who do not drink alcohol. » Jean Philippe Braud, he understood it well. He launched “Gueule de joie”, in homage to the hangover that you will never have by buying from him.

His concept, an online cellar and a store in Nantes in which there are more than 50 different alcohol-free references: beer, cider, spirits and even alcohol-free wine. It is an exception in the landscape, because in France we drag a heavy past.

While the Blues are running behind a third title of world champions in Qatar, booze level, France has never left the podium.

32.5% of young people aged 18 to 30 consume alcohol daily and the French drink an average of 11.7 liters of alcohol per year and per person (we are talking about pure alcohol… not liters of wine). And in terms of deaths, here again we are strong: 41,000 deaths each year are linked to alcohol consumption.

On the one hand we are heavy drinkers, on the other everyone seems to agree to slow down. Among consumers 40% tend to considerably reduce their consumption.

But when you don’t drink alcohol, what do you drink?

A quick tour of the restaurants and bars around your home and you’ll understand that it’s not easy to drink anything other than alcohol. Beer/wine or soft drinks/Perrier, nothing to push you to moderation… The non-alcoholic offer is rarely tasty. Yet some have decided to reconcile alcohol-free and taste.

Jean-Philippe, European tour of France of beers, ciders and wines

“I will reconcile you with alcohol-free. » When we met him, Jean-Philippe Braud was sure of himself. We thought it was average. Two hours of tasting later we have to admit, we had no idea that alcohol-free could be so good.

“There you have a Belgian beer, there one from the Netherlands and this one is made in France. » Jean-Philippe has traveled miles in recent years to source the best beers and the best non-alcoholic wines. In France, production is still limited but elsewhere in Europe some have already understood the interest of this offer.

It was in 2019 that Jean-Philippe embarked on the adventure, he created “Gueule de joie”. “At first it was to accompany my wife who was pregnant” but with the passing years and the children Jean Philipe understood that alcohol-free could become a sustainable alternative. “I’m not abstinent, I love alcohol, just sometimes popping a few glasses helps to be cooler. »

“Besides, my clients have the same profile as us, in their forties, children, and most of the time they are men. Gone are the days when alcohol-free was only reserved for pregnant women. He then decided to unearth everywhere in Europe, the drinks corresponding to his approach and to market them on his site.

“There are people who have no choice. There are men who accompany their wives who are pregnant, or who are preparing to run a marathon. There could be lots of reasons. And the idea was to free up access to these drinks, to offer cool alternatives. »

Other players in their thirties are tackling this market. This is the case of Calixte, but he started manufacturing.

Calixte: world champion of non-alcoholic rum

Calixte Payan is a young thirty-year-old from Lyon, who loves life, and especially aperitifs! He too felt the vein. He took the crazy gamble of producing his own non-alcoholic spirits. (We will come back to the technique later). Its objective: to make you drink 0% cocktails without even noticing it.

Not easy when you know that many taste characteristics come from distillation and aging. That’s why he embarked on a very special production.

We start with a real rum from the West Indies, which we import to Grasse, where a great perfumer carries out the alcohol extraction, to separate the ethanol from the taste. We obtain a first product, which smells of rum or gin, but which lacks power and heat. So, we bring it to an old family distillery in the Lyon region, which will operate half a dozen different techniques to arrive at the final product. “.

To do this, Calixte has settled in the Alps in partnership with an old distillery house over 145 years old which has inspired Calixte with its history and old-fashioned know-how. Knowing this, the price of “Sober Spirit” bottles remains affordable for lovers of gin or rum. A rum which has also received the distinction of “best non-alcoholic rum in the world”.

And frankly, whether it’s the drinks of Jean-Philippe or Calixte, we all agreed: impossible to differentiate between non-alcoholic and alcoholic products blindly. The resemblance is striking ! These two approaches to alcohol-free, however different, start from the same observation: We are in a country of heavy drinkers!

This is an opportunity to recover your health! Even if here at Kool, we know how great the temptation is!

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