What products and accessories to clean your kitchen?

When and how to clean your kitchen?

By preparing several meals a day in your kitchen, you will certainly dirty the room. This is why it is imperative to clean all the equipment and all the nooks and crannies. Soiling can take many forms:

  • Grease droplets on utensils and hob;
  • Stains on the tiles;
  • Dust on the worktop, credenza and cupboards;
  • Traces encrusted on household appliances.

These devices are made of different materials. They take different forms. This is why you must have the right products and accessories to properly clean surfaces and corners:

  • Degreasing detergent;
  • Cleaning brushes;
  • Absorbent cloths;
  • Scraper.

Our choice: degreasing spray with foaming formula

Oven, grill and hotplates are continually subject to oil splashes. A cleaning solution is essential to degrease them. the Cif Ultimate Spray is intended for this task, being specially designed to remove 100% of accumulated grease, even burnt and sticky droplets. This product is our favorite for its powerful formula. You’ll rely on high-performance degreasing agents to wipe away the toughest stains from household appliances and utensils. Clean your entire kitchen with just one multi-purpose spray.

The specific composition of this foaming formula allows it to adhere to all surfaces, even vertical walls. Odorless and free of fine particles, the solution is suitable for non-ventilated areas and does not have any harmful effects on food. Easy to use, the gun will help you target dirt precisely. Thanks to the combination of all these qualities, you will be able to thoroughly clean all the elements of your kitchen.

Cleaning brush set

Opt for the Yihata 4-piece cleaning set to clean your kitchen tiles. You will receive 3 brushes of different sizes and an extension rod, to be attached to a drill. Thanks to the rotation speed of the drill, you will be able to quickly clean the tiles. We particularly appreciate the specific shape of each brush, which allows access to tight areas, such as wall or partition joints. Made of polypropylene bristles, the fibers do not cause any scratches. Resistant to heat and wear, they are very durable.

The set includes three brushes of 2, 3.3 and 3.9 inches. Clean your kitchen in an intelligent way, choosing each time the brush best suited to the targeted surface. If it’s a tight corner, just install the extension rod to reach it. Note that all of these accessories are compatible with any drill or impact wrench.

Kit of 6 washable pads

You will definitely need quality swabs for doing the dishes. Effectively wash your kitchen utensils with the hellocam washable pads. The pack includes 6 sponges, specially designed to easily remove leftover food and grease from pots, pans, plates and hobs. Antibacterial, they eradicate 99% of bacteria. Perfectly elaborated, they retain the soap enormously. Just add a few drops of dishwashing liquid and that will be enough to clean everything.

We were seduced by the double-sided system of these stamps. On the one hand, you have the polyester scrubber, which is used to scrape the utensils without the risk of scratches. On the other, you have the microfiber face, which is intended for gentle washing. Free of harmful chemicals, they are 100% safe for your health. Reliable and durable, a sponge will last several weeks. With a 6-piece kit, you will have peace of mind for several months.

3 in 1 universal scraper

What seduces us with the miaX glass-ceramic scraper, these are the 3 functions combined in a single accessory. This tool doubles as a glass scraper, sticker scraper and tile scraper. Very easy to handle, its non-slip handle helps you apply regular pressure to remove stubborn marks on your kitchen equipment. Equipped with a locking system, the blade storage box guarantees safe use at all times.

You will have access to three distinct options. In parking position, the blade is stored in the initial position. No risk of injury during handling. Press the control button to extend the blade, in order to move into the working position. If the blade seems dull, you have 4 spares in the box. To replace it, switch to the change position, again using the button. Simple and easy to use, this scraper will satisfy you in every way.

Ultra soft and absorbent cloths

Nothing better than a cloth to dust and clean the kitchen. We like it set of 6 Mr.Siga napkins, for their manufacture in microfiber. We appreciate these accessories for reasons: their softness and their absorbency. Ultra-soft, they will be used to clean fine dust on the work surface, on the credenza, on the refrigerator or on the cupboards. Absorbent and non-abrasive, they will allow you to wipe water off all surfaces. Then make your kitchen shine with the help of these cloths that attract dust, grime and puddles like a magnet.

These towels can also be used as dishcloths. Easily wipe grease off your plates, pots and pans. Washable and reusable, they last a hundred washes. They derive this durability from the quality of the fabric and the high quality stitching with reinforced edges. To preserve these characteristics, it is advisable to wash them by hand or machine, separately from other items. And avoid adding fabric softener or bleach.

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