What temperature for white laundry? Never again at 60 degrees

What temperature for white laundry is a question without too much philosophy. The truth is this: you wash colored and black clothes at 40 degrees C, and white and heavily soiled clothes at 60. That’s how all our mothers and grandmothers taught us. But this rule is already outdated. Washing clothes at 60 degrees C: this is an unnecessary waste of energy and damage to the environment. You get stubborn stains removed when you load the laundry at 40 degrees C. With modern machines and detergents, additional cleaning agents are not even necessary, but they are considered to help in some things.

Higher temperature means more electricity and more money

Never put white clothes with colored clothes

Even if you use the color-capturing wipes, which are specially designed to prevent colors from mixing in the washing machine. There’s no chance for your sparkling white sheet if you put on your favorite red blouse together. Then you risk having a pink sheet and a not-so-bright red blouse. White clothes should be washed with a detergent intended for white laundry. Whether you opt for powder, gel or capsules is your personal choice.

It is important that it is indicated that it is intended for white laundry

what temperature for white laundry hand puts green liquid detergent in machine

If there is a stain on the white linen

So, you need to pre-treat it with detergent before putting it in the washing machine. Tissue processing depends on the instructions of the preparation itself that you are using. Remember that it is always a good idea to apply a small amount to a more hidden part of the garment.

Often yellow stains can appear on white laundry

at what temperature to wash the sheets stains on the linen

What temperature ?

Read all fabric manufacturers’ labels before putting them in the washing machine, but in terms of degrees, white washes are stronger than colored washes. Heavily soiled socks, kitchen towels and other dirtier fabrics are resistant to high temperatures. They can be safely washed at 90 degrees.

But here too you can save by pre-treating them

washing white laundry temperature feet in dirty socks

Guidelines for washing white clothes

When it comes to washing different types of clothes, there are general guidelines to follow to ensure the best quality clothes even after throwing them in the washing machine.

Pre-treat stains

First of all, it is important to pre-treat clothes with stains. Grease or perspiration stains can be treated with liquid detergent by gently scrubbing with a clean toothbrush. For any other color stains, you can try using undiluted liquid bleach immediately before doing the laundry.

Brighten dull whites

If you’re looking to brighten faded or old white clothes, wash them with bleach or use boiling water for shinier white fabrics. However, it is important to keep in mind that each garment is different.

You should therefore ensure that you follow the care instructions

white laundry pretreatment

Consider the fabrics

Some fabric types require different care instructions. For example, you’ll probably need to separate delicate underwear from things like white towels or sheets.

Sort laundry by color and fabric: this is the best way to avoid damaging your clothes

what temperature to wash white and colored laundry sheets separately

Separate delicate items

Although we have already covered the temperature at which to wash whites, another general rule is to wash the more delicate whites in cold water. Hot water can easily damage some fabrics. Like your favorite white winter sweaters, which as long as you don’t want them to be “served” by your children. You do not wash them in the washing machine at all, only by hand. If you put a size XL white wool sweater in the washing machine at higher temperatures, it will no longer be a size S, or even an XS, after it comes out of the washing machine.

So using a gentle cycle combined with cold water should suffice for delicate fabrics.

what temperature to wash white laundry delicate items

Read the instructions

This tip is important enough to be repeated in any laundry guide. One of the most important tips is to read and follow the care label instructions on your clothes. These general guidelines tell you how to wash white clothes, in what water, and what to do with stains.

The instructions on your clothes should be followed no matter what

what temperature to wash white clothes white clothes and colors together in a machine

Many home remedies

With baking soda

If you baked homemade bread, then you probably wrapped it in a towel to prevent it from drying out. It makes sense for the rag to absorb grease from the paste and the best option to deal with this problem is to soak the oiled rag for 24 hours in baking soda.

Dissolve it in water

what temperature for white sheets hand puts baking soda on a white fabric

With cider vinegar

It will make your clothes white, with the scent of fresh spring. No chemicals, cheap and easy! Vinegar can be used in the washing machine to whiten, brighten, deodorize and soften clothes without harsh chemicals. It is safe to use and very effective. When purchasing vinegar, choose distilled white vinegar. It does not contain tannins – natural vegetable dyes – which can stain clothes and is less expensive. Let’s see what vinegar can do for you:

  • Vinegar refreshes and whitens white clothes
  • It eliminates greasy odors
  • The perfect natural fabric softener
  • It removes the smell of sweat

White vinegar also removes the smell of cigarette smoke

which laundry to wash at 40 degrees white vinegar

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