Where to taste Afternoon-Tea Cream?

It’s a time of day that has become a date! In New York, Paris, Moscow or Kuala Lumpur, Tea Time is enjoyed immoderately. A great idea to get out of our urban jungle for a gourmet break. Take a seat in the cozy lounges of the best establishments, Forbes brings you its selection of Best of Afternoon-tea.

Trendiest at The Peninsula New York
We know New York, the fashion capital which is always one step ahead when it comes to mixology. In the arty city, the cocktail is raised to the rank of art! But on site, we discover that tea time is also a sacred moment for New Yorkers: the tea ceremony gives you the pulse of the Big Apple. This privileged parenthesis attracts as much the wolves of Wall Street come to seal the fate of a company as the working girls dressing in Prada. ‘The Peninsula New York’ is favored by those busy souls who allow themselves a little levity in this world of brutes! When you enter the Gotham Lounge of the prestigious address, you have the feeling of joining a relative in his townhouse. Chic and intimate, the living room instantly calls for relaxation.

In a decor composed of geometric shapes in sapphire, chocolate brown and molten chrome, sophistication pervades the atmosphere. No question of feeling cramped: the staff and maitre d’ set the tone, and it’s that of coolness! We break the ice with jokes and spontaneous smiles. The difficulty will be to find what you really want to taste between these lobster mushrooms with fine herbs, these golden savory scones or with candied fruits, and these Ladurée pastries whose perfection we know so well. You know, those famous Ispahan macaroons or those Vanilla Saint-Honoré…

©Peninsula New York

These pleasures are accompanied by a very varied menu of teas and cocktails. For special occasions, we mark the occasion by choosing the formula of the ‘Grand Thé Peninsula de l’après-midi’: champagne, caviar, bottle of Ruinart Blanc are in order. A special children’s tea is also available, offering a selection of savory, sweet, chocolate and a few treats. At the Peninsula, children are also kings!

The most Proustian at La Réserve Paris Hotel and Spa

We cross the Atlantic for a stopover in the City of Light, the world epicenter of gastronomy. The best tea time can be enjoyed at the best hotel in Paris, ‘La Réserve Hôtel et Spa’. The palace which also monopolizes the first places at the international level is a masterpiece capable of dazzling those who have already seen everything, experienced everything. A performance to be applauded! As soon as you walk through the door, you enter a Second Empire style private mansion: sofas upholstered in scarlet velvet, row of columns, bust placed on a marble mantel, Damask fabrics, antique pieces… As Marie-France nicely puts it Grégoire, head concierge at the Clés d’Or of the five-star hotel: ” Here we don’t sleep, we dream… “. We almost forget that we also came to taste the afternoon tea!

A most pleasing prospect when you know that it is chef Jérôme Banctel who officiates. It only took one year for the maestro to win two Michelin stars. Demanding on the product, meticulous on the cooking, this Breton sublimates the classics of French cuisine at the table of ‘Gabriel’. At tea time, take a seat in the establishment’s cozy armchairs for a round trip into the regressive world of childhood. Your finest Proust madeleines on a platter: tangy calisson with creamy lime and crispy caramelized almonds, crème brûlée with vanilla, orange and grapefruit, homemade pancakes to drizzle with caramel, chocolate, sugar, assorted cakes… Nostalgia will win you over and so will emotion.

©La Réserve Paris Fanny Dussol

This place rich in an extra soul, where everyone savors the privilege of feeling at home, leaves you with a memorable taste. Like this cappuccino embellished with a cloud of milk taking on the features of an elephant, symbol of Michel Reybier’s brand. A man – whose uncompromising vision – brings a breath of fresh air to the luxury hotel industry. No doubt also a little sweat in the world of hospitality…

The most glitzy at the Metropol Hotel Moscow

We head east and anchor in Russia. Sweet tooths have this time an appointment at the Metropol Hotel Moscow. This place where history and glory condense is a real institution. From the father of the Russian Revolution, Lenin, to the novelist John Steinbeck, to the Italian legend Sophia Loren and the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, all have left their mark on the walls of the century-old palace. Yesterday’s myths have given way to today’s muses embodied by the most eminent influencers and artists who parade endlessly on your musical playlists. In this address which combines heritage and modernity, one feels privileged to be at the intersection of two worlds in resonance. Guests flock there in search of epicurean moments.

Among which the afternoon tea. A centuries-old legacy of Latsarina who, like her British alter-ego, the Duchess of Bedford, Anna, fought hunger at the off-peak hour of snack time while waiting for supper. But not only. This niche was also ideal for socializing and bringing together a tribe of happy few. A ‘culinary frustration’ which marked the official birth of tea time, a ritual whose pleasures we like to savor today. In a piano-bar atmosphere at the Chaliapin Bar, we settle down for the kick-off of the traditional Russian tea ceremony. We refuse nothing: crepes with red caviar, champagne, homemade pies inherited from the Tsarina, petit fours, all complemented by a wide choice of teas served in princely porcelain.

©Metropol Hotel Moscow

We prolong the magic to exchange with the butler who will reveal to you the most crisp anecdotes of the Metropol Hotel. Anthology: on vacation, Mao played chess there with Lenin, Iggy Pop celebrated his birthday there, Michael Jackson wrote his famous song ‘Stranger in Moscow’ there, Brigitte Bardot forged her carnal relationship with Russia… And why not stimulate curiosity? to ask to be introduced to some (real) spy stories? Stay calm, there is a prescription!

The most sensory at the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur

We end our gourmet stroll in Malaysia, a country with legendary hospitality. For decades, the ‘Majestic Kuala Lumpur’ has shaped its legend by becoming the center of social, political, intellectual and artistic life in the Malaysian capital, and more broadly in Southeast Asia. Over time, and as the country accelerated its march towards modernity until it joined the closed club of the “Asian Tigers”, the Belle-Epoque charm of the Majestic ended up coming up against the ruthless competition of skyscrapers. Become a vestige for some, a national treasure to preserve from any architectural attack for others, the building will close its doors on December 31, 1983 for a long sleep of almost 30 years. Like any icon, you have to know how to ‘retreat’ to make yourself better desired…

Revamped and modernized by the prestigious YTL hotel group, the Majestic Kuala Lumpur made a majestic comeback in 2012. “From the start, we didn’t want to ‘do something new with the old’, nor to cut and paste in bad taste. We wanted to sublimate the Majestic by giving it back its soul while making it part of the 21st century. », Laurent Myter, Executive Vice-President in charge of Operations at YTL, recently told us.

©Majestic Kuala Lumpur

The spot had no trouble resuming its vocation as a nuptial, bleisure and event destination. Between its top-flight gastronomic offer, its monumental spa that perfumes you with oriental fragrances, its hand-sewn services… there are a thousand and one excuses to mark the stage. Its tea ceremony is one of the most successful: it is at the Colonial Café or in the sublime conservatory of orchids (privatized) that we meet to escape out of time and from the bubbling capital. On the menu, cucumber finger sandwiches, king crab guacamole, essential scones, fruity and chocolate treats and local culinary creations. The experience reaches its quintessence for those who live it in the botanical conservatory, which preserves magnificent orchids that change with the seasons. Your senses are in turmoil, reservation imperative!

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La Reserve Paris Hotel and Spa

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