Which colors to avoid in the kitchen according to psychology? We tell you why!

Our environment has a huge influence on our mood and sometimes we don’t even realize it. Do you occasionally feel sad, depressed and trapped in a greyish interior? Do the plain, white walls of a hospital make you feel cold and uneasy? Do school colors seem dull and unmotivating? Well, it’s because of the choice of colors! If you want to feel good, happy and at peace, why not paint your kitchen a color that will bring you to that state and make you happy to be there? Today we are going to talk about which colors to avoid in the kitchen according to psychologists! Stay tuned if you’re about to redo your house and you’re intrigued!

What colors to avoid in the kitchen?

According to psychologists, there are five colors you shouldn’t use to paint your bedroom. But why ? Some seem lively, others light… What’s the catch? There isn’t, in fact. Of course, this does not apply to everyone, because every rule has its exception. However, the general opinion is about the same. If you want a peaceful stay at home filled with serenity and good interior design, then listen up! To find out which colors to avoid in the kitchen, we encourage you to continue reading on the subject! Let’s go!

Which colors to avoid in the kitchen: bright red

color to avoid in a kitchen

If you’re wondering who is at the top of our “what colors to avoid in the kitchen” ranking… Here it is! Red is a very bold choice when it comes to interior design and decoration. Due to its liveliness and symbolism, it can sometimes become an eye-sore if abused. Red in small quantities is fine, even approved. On the other hand, the wall shelves, the cupboards and the red walls… Very distracting! It’s the color of love, sex, eroticism, anger, war… Uh, do you really want that in the kitchen where you store your utensils? I mean, the only thing standing in that space has to be the knife or the fork, not you, huh! So if you’re wondering if this is a good idea… Research says “no”!


yellow color kitchen

Oh, the yellow! Happiness, optimism, excitement, creativity, sunshine, spring… Should I continue? It’s the perfect choice, isn’t it? Well, because of its intensity, just like red, it instantly turns into a bad choice. Very bright colors tend to overtax not only our imagination, but also our subconscious, which basically tires us out. Our eyes get sore when exposed to such bright colors and it can get quite disconcerting. However, if you decide to paint part of your kitchen yellow, we totally support the idea. For example, your drawers can create a sparkling and sunny contrast with the rest of your decor! Nevertheless… A monochrome space in yellow is a big no!


dark brown kitchen

Did you know that during the time of ancient Rome, people of high society refrained from wearing brown, as it denoted poverty? It’s just a fun fact! The reason why we do not choose a brown kitchen is quite different. Normally, brown symbolizes stability and earth. Still, if you choose a monochromatic design in brown, you’ll quickly notice the negative effect on your mental health. Dark colors tend to close spaces and make them feel tighter, like a hole in the ground. Especially if you don’t have light contrast decor to shake things up a bit.


white kitchen

The all-white kitchen may be considered chic by some if the furnishings are high-end. However, for most of us it’s bland, boring and reminds us of a hospital. But who wants to spend their life living in a hospital-like environment? On the other hand, we do not qualify the white as bad! You can combine it with gold-plated drawers and handles or put brown accents here and there. However, it is not recommended if she is alone.

Which colors to avoid in the kitchen: dark gray

gray in decoration

Last, but certainly not least, is the gray colored kitchen! This color is frankly the most depressing of them all. Being in the middle of white and black, it creates this feeling of despair, worry and fear of death. Industrial type buildings are in gray, honestly, quite dull. If you like gray, we recommend a gray counter and a gray hood.

What colors for a kitchen?

what colors to avoid in the kitchen

We have already seen which colors to avoid in the kitchen… Well then, what are the trendy colors for kitchen in 2022? If you want to have a well-decorated space that is bright, sunny and pleasing to the eye, we invite you to take a look at the Barbiecore decorating trend. Pink, combined with other pastel colors, is a great choice!

what colors to avoid in the kitchen

If you are very attached to the white color and want a bright design, here is an idea. Why not try plant decor and paint your handles gold? Thus, your white kitchen will not be so dull, but luxurious, and will have personality!

trendy colors 2022 deco

What colors to avoid in the kitchen? Certainly not navy blue combined with white! It’s the perfect duo that brings the sea home and brings tranquility and style!

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