Who are the finalists and winners of the MakeUp in Paris Awards 2022?

The competition is open free of charge to all exhibitors, who can submit up to three skincare or makeup innovations. The “IT Awards” are awarded by a two-round vote, in which all members of the Jury participate [1].

This year, 22 new skincare and make-up products and 3 favorites were selected this year for the MakeUp in Paris Innovation & Trends (IT) Awards, among more than 80 products entered in the competition in four categories: Accessories, Formulation, Full Service and Packaging.



The Ocean Brush, by Raphaël Makeup Brushes. A brush whose handle is made of 50% shell and 50% bioplastic from castor oil. The head is made with 65% recycled fiber from PET bottle waste and 35% raw fiber.


- Mix&Match Ecobrushes, by Taiki Cosmetics Europe. A minimalist and easy-to-use set of 10, 15, 20 brushes with only three wooden handles and interchangeable head pieces that just click and unclip.

- Dual Density Blending Sponge, by Taiki Cosmetics Europe. A dual-density material sponge designed to be a complete make-up tool for the complexion: the low-density side provides great comfort, and the other denser side allows precise application of different textures (fluid, compact powder).

- Innovative Brushes Made With “Own Client’s Waste”, by Leonard Brushes. Handle made with a new material developed by Zone K, made up of a minimum of 70% recycled material from industrial cosmetic waste from customers or Bullier SAS brands.



- Ageless Serum by Pharma Cos Srl. A solid texture that glides over the skin and transforms into a nourishing serum. An easy-to-use and easy-to-carry skincare product, it is designed to promote healthy aging of the skin, improving its appearance.

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- Teens Cosmos Watery Foam Foundation by Daito Kasei Europe. A bi-phase formulation that combines the properties of a foundation with a very natural finish, particularly suitable for young skin, and a moisturizing serum. It is easy to mix thanks to the use of pigments treated with silica (certified COSMOS) which allow a very good dispersibility in water. Without propellant gas, its aerial foam texture is obtained from surfactants of vegetable origin.


- Sophisti-Mate, from Aircos, Anjac Group. Foundation powder without talc formulated primarily from rice used in the form of oil, powder and wax of

rice bran.

- Metal-ONE I/O by Trendcolor. A bold and shimmering effect obtained from a formula combining a new generation of polymers with an emollient from renewable vegetable sources.

- Vitality Co-Creation Changing Oil, by B. Kolormakeup & Skincare. A super-fluid oil formula designed to cover all the different stages of the beauty routine, transforming as needed into a cream or serum

- Waterdrop Dazzle Stick, by Gotha Cosmetics. This stick that refreshes the skin while illuminating it with a shimmering, reflective veil of colour. Its hydrogel-like texture is achieved through an innovative blend of crystals and special gelling agents. Its formula is enriched with a sugar complex identical to that of the skin, in order to better preserve it.

- Brightness Whipped Cream, by SICAF, Groupe Anjac. A 98% natural aerial texture that renews the sensory experience while providing a hybrid benefit: it gives radiance and comfort to the complexion and takes care of the skin by moisturizing and nourishing it.

- Crescendo Hydra-Activated Foundation, by Chromavis Fareva. A hybrid foundation whose hydro-activated formula releases a boost of benefits upon removal with warm water. This removal care property is based on the presence of micelles that trap the removed color and activate the moisturizing and antioxidant qualities of a sage concentrate.



- Flexxxy Palette, by Chromavis Fareva. A novel makeup concept, based on flexibility and water that combines extra-flexible packaging and a disc-shaped formula with a high degree of flexibility and resistance to deformation that makes it virtually inert to all stresses during use

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- Fullcycle Anti-Ox Booster, by OPAC. A 100% recycled emulsion, from the formulation matrix to the active ingredients, combined with an ecological packaging system. The matrix is ​​made up of raw materials that have a common aspect: they come from the transformation into functional cosmetic ingredients of essentially discarded food by-products.


- Maori Gold Eyeliner & Kajal, by Faber-Castell Cosmetics. An ultra-long-lasting pencil formulated with carefully selected natural and vegan ingredients from sustainable sources: free from palm oil derivatives, micro-plastic particles and preservatives.

- Crystal Soap, by Ancorotti Cosmetics. A playful and practical solid cleanser consisting of a vegan gel formulated with 97% ingredients of natural origin. A care product but also a well-being product with a pigment-free texture, it improves the oxygenation of the skin to make it healthier and happier with an effect similar to that of yoga.

- Kajal Oak Pencil, by Anya Cosmetiques srl The wood-plastic composition of this waterproof pencil is based on bio cellulose fibres, bio-polyethylene made from cane sugar and lignin. Formulated with durable charcoal powder, it gives a semi-matte finish.

- Try-On Safe (ITOS), Lipstick Tester Single Use, by Anya Cosmetiques srl Designed for a phygital experience: it allows you to test the lipstick directly on the lips and contains a QR code linking the tested product to e-commerce sites, tutorials or other media.



- Private Refill, Aptar Beauty + Home. A lipstick mechanism for smart and aesthetic refills. It connects with a single click to a specific lipstick base and has a unique patented security key for each client and each project. Brands can thus be assured that their refill cannot be used alone or with another lipstick mechanism.

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- Kerami, from FR&Partners. A ceramic range, a timeless material contributing to a new sustainable approach to luxury in the world of beauty, favoring a refined design while maintaining a prestigious appearance.


- Bottoms Up Stick, by TK Cosmetics. Much of the content of a lipstick is wasted, because the part retained by the inner cup cannot be used. This component allows the remaining content to be used in a second propulsion cycle. Avoiding waste and reducing the use of water when recycling containers, it is more environmentally friendly

- This My Second Life! Click ‘N Go Mascara, by Brivaplast Group. A PCR recycled material version of a mascara with a one-handed “click” system for opening and closing that replaces the traditional two-handed screwing of the cap. Initiating a fun, quick and easy gesture, it is also useful for people with physical disabilities.

- Cactus Leather Cushion Foundation Tablet, by Intops Co., Ltd. Use of cactus leather obtained from harvested leaves that have been washed, crushed and then pressed with the materials needed to make them fiber. The sensory pleasure of the material is reinforced by a relief pattern.

- Scalp Coverage Hair Powder Container, by World Sponge. Scalp cover powder container that allows the contents to be sprayed on the thinning area without fear of it blowing off. It gives volume and a fluffy look to the hair without pressing it. Including a comb attached to the container, it is very easy to carry and use comfortably anywhere.

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